My name is Bill Balsamico and I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I own a restaurant/bar called Casa D’ Ice.  I am a 62 year-old RED BLOODED AMERICAN.  For 23 years, I was in the Ice Business and when I sold the business using my legal Italian Heritage, came the name “Casa D’ Ice” for “House of Ice”. I can not help it that the Spanish use is the same name for house.   So, for those who question my use of “Casa” when I am against illegal aliens, I hope this explains it.

If you’d like to learn a little more about my background, watch this Documentary Short entitled “Portrait of Bill”

Directed by Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen
Courtesy Galerie Vanessa Quang and the artist

If you’d like to get a better feel for how I view life, you should read the signs on my web site.  Every sign I’ve posted outside of my business since shortly after 9/11 has been cataloged on my website www.CasaDIce.com.  Click here to go directly to the sign page.

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  1. lewkal says:

    Hi Bill, This is a email that I sent to Sean Hannity about a month ago. I did not get a replay. In regard to all of our embassies in the world being attacked, You said, Oboma dose not know what to do! You said, Oboma is clueless! He has no idea, what to do! Let me ask you something Sean? Do you remember, on a few of your shows, you spoke about the Islamic Extremists, want to tear down America, from the inside out! How they will infiltrate our Gov. and destroy us from within!!! SEAN! Dose that sound anything like what is going on today!!! Am I the only one that can see this!!! This Man Oboma is doing just that, He is destroying this country from within!!! And I think he knows exactly what he is doing, and is taking great joy in doing it!!! It is what they have promised they would do all along! The man has built a Trojan Horse right in front of our eyes! And is about to release it’s contents on us, any time after the first week in Nov. if we let him!!! He is a Dictator in Democratic clothing!!!
    He is the Closet Islamic Extremist, that is here to destroy our Government, Country, and our all around way of life!!! Sean, I have always been under the impression, that any physical attack, on any of our embassies, would always be considered, an immediate act of war against America! What the hell happened? When did that change? And Why???

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